About MS

MS (Multiple Sclerosis) is said to be the most common neurological condition diagnosed to the under 40s.

  • It is variable in its effects - in some people there may only be slight impact - for others its impact is profound. Commonly, people with MS have difficulty with their vision, with their mobility, their balance, fatigue or they may have tremors.
  • How does it happen? It works by stripping away the protective layer (myelin) that covers nerve fibres. Without the protective layer, nerves have difficulty transferring messages from the brain. The causes are as yet unknown although environmental factors (such as lack of sunlight) and genetic factors both play a part.
  • Treatments are available to reduce the impact on the condition and research is ongoing into developing better treatments including the possibility of myelin repair. So although there is no cure we are optimistic that the work going on - at research centres like Edinburgh and Cambridge - will further reduce the impact of this condition.
  • We are proud that our branch in the 5 years up to 2013 has donated £35,000 to clinical research.