Tracey Gellatly - Our Fundraising Co-ordinator

Born in the late 1960’s I’ve lived in Perthshire all my life. I was diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS in spring 2005 and was lucky enough to be offered disease modifying drugs fairly quickly.

I work within the public sector and apart from a few fairly horrid relapses I’ve managed to pretty much keep going. I used to take part in lots of sports but now I’m only likely to be found either chasing Monty the cat to retrieve some poor bird from him or on the side lines cheering on John my partner who’s an avid road and hill runner. I’m getting to be dab hand with the camera and taking some decent action shots.

I try to keep a fairly positive attitude and find it helps me. I’ve never hidden my diagnosis from people. One memorable episode at work where my legs wouldn’t hold me up and I slid down the wall I was leaning on in almost comic fashion was enough to convince me that being open and honest was best.

I’ve been a committee member for several years and have seen the branch grow and grow. I’m keen that we do things locally for members to they don’t always have to travel to Perth to join in.