Alison Gallacher - Treasurer & Website officer

The day I was diagnosed in 2003 my sister said that it wasn't the start of the problem – it was the start of the solution and I think she was right. So far MS adventure has included fundraising on a zip slide across the Clyde and appearing in a DVD for disease-modifying drug, Extavia with Dr Christian Jessen.

My husband and I met when we were at school but we didn't get married until we were in our late 40s in 2011 – but getting married is still the best thing I have ever done. I am lucky to still be working although this is mainly due the support of my very friendly team at the Council.

I went to the first branch course for the newly diagnosed and joined the branch immediately afterwards. At a time when I didn't know many folk in the town, the branch provided me with a lot of laughter, support and friendship from people who understood the changes and challenges MS can bring. I became a committee member in 2007 and set up the first version of our website. I continue to develop the website with the help of my husband and I also have enjoyed the responsibility for operating the Society's Risk Management system in the branch– making sure that everyone is safe as we move to set up groups across the area.