Secretary - Alison Cummings

I was born in the mid-forties in Edinburgh and my working life was spent as a primary school teacher. I came to Perth in 1984 because of my husband’s work and have spent 30 happy years here. I taught for twenty years here. 10 in each of two primary schools.

I am now a widow but my two sons and their families, although far away—Canada and Manchester(!!) are very good and supportive. I have one granddaughter who is now 10 and a great source of joy to me.

I was diagnosed with primary progressive M.S. in 2004 although I had had the symptoms for quite some time and I joined the branch a year or so later. I am now secretary which is quite a time consuming job but I enjoy it and the committee are a great bunch. We do actually have quite a light-hearted time at committee meetings.

I enjoy some hobbies like card-making, reading, crosswords etc. and I have a good and supportive group of friends..