Mainly Socialising - @ Queen's Hotel, Perth

We meet up on the evenings of second Tuesday and on the last Thursday of each month at the Queen's Hotel in Perth. From April 2016 these meetings usually take place in the main hotel building (we had been using Monarch House for a while). The dates and times are on our Calendar View.

We call the meetings "Mainly Socialising" because that's their purpose - just to shoot the breeze and to know that we're not facing MS alone. But apart from the chat we provide support through our therapists and information resources. These meetings don't have an agenda or guest speakers they are just there to provide support.

At least two complementary therapists are on hand - if we want an aromatherapy or relexology massage to help us unwind. They know us and know how to treat the symptoms of MS.

To find dates and times please go to Calendar View.