Resignation of Heather McQueen

Sadly, we are having to report that Heather McQueen has made the difficult decision to stand down as Chair of the branch, and from the committee. Heather has been Chair, acting and elected, for approximately a year and a half and has been on the committee for the past six years.

During her time on the committee she has added her unique stamp on the branch - her achievements include: moving the Perth meetings to the more comfortable surroundings of the Queen's Hotel, being instrumental in bringing Tayside Health Arts Trust courses to us and our successful Facebook page. She has been very involved with the development of the role of support volunteers and the help they provide to people affected by MS. Unforgettably, she also brought singing (and songs with actions) to our seasonal meals - either accompanied by the keyboard or the ukelele.

She will continue as a support volunteer in the future.

We wish her, and her family, well.