MS Society Changes

In 2016 the MS Society made a number of changes to its approach at the centre and at a local level. We are making this statement to acknowledge the changes and say how we think this will impact on us here in Perth and Kinross.

One of the most obvious differences is a change in the logo. The new logo reflects the progress and movement forward. It also focuses on the social and community aspect of the Society - which is something we have concentrated on locally.

The Society have also decided to abandon the idea of "Branches" - and we are now identified as "Groups". Much of this is due to the difficulty, across the country in recruiting people to committees - we have experienced this locally too - and we are still keen to find new people who will help with the running of the branch. We are delighted that Wendy Rae and Lorraine Martin are going to help with the meetings at Queen's to keep the paperwork in order. Thank you ladies.

All the changes at the centre of the organisation makes no difference to the way we in Perth and Kinross operate - we will continue with the small groups, meetings and services we currently provide for as long as we have the funds and support available.

We are looking froward to 2017 and wish everyone a Happy New Year.